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Le joyau caché - Martinique

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the small island of Martinique or its nearby sister island, Guadeloupe. They are apart of the Lesser Antilles and owned by France, while most of the tourist that visit for vacation are from Canada and Europe. These islands aren’t apart of the mass US tourism scene, as of yet at least, but this is what gives Martinique its charm. It’s like a hidden gem with a rich history and where nature shows off in its best form. I learned about Martinique in the last year and was able to visit about a month ago, at the end of January when the weather is perfect like most islands in the Caribbean. Flights from NYC to Martinique are usually relatively inexpensive. I was able to find my flights for under $200 round trip through Norwegian Airlines which is who I flew on to Rome last year. Martinique is great for a long weekend trip (especially when Norwegian has their $69 fares) and only a 4 hour flight from NYC. Still unsure about Martinique? Imagine a similar climate as Hawaii along with the same types of activities but without the crowds and without the high price tags!

Martinique is small enough that you can drive all over the island in three days. Renting a car is highly recommended and you will want to make sure you either bring your own GPS or have an International plan on your phone for getting around as GPS devices are very scarce at the car rental companies (we learned the hard way). We booked our car through Hertz and you will definitely need to book your car before you get there because rental cars are limited on the island and be prepared to wait in line to get your car outside of the airport. It’s not as bad as it sounds and is worth the hassle because it’s smooth sailing once you get the keys! Our hotel was located in Fort de France, which is the main town and close to the airport and cruise terminal. We stayed at La Maison de Clementine and it was gorgeous! It is a small bed & breakfast run by an amazing couple that couldn’t have been more helpful with assisting to book our boat tour and making dinner reservations for us. I will have a dedicated post just for our hotel on here shortly and I highly recommend staying here! We stayed in the Barbuda Suite that had a view of the lush mountains from our bed… need I say more.